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Wine Market in Europe: update during corona crisis starting March 2020

At the moment I am in the middle of the corona crisis. As a result of the outbreak in China, Europe is following the protocols of the World Health Association (WHO). Italy is one of the main focus of attention due to large number of infected people. Slowly, during March Vinitaly and ProWein postponed their events. In Italy we observe a total shout down of their normal activities. The rest of the countries in Europe remain alert, however countries such Denmark close the schools as Italy did.

President of The United States Donald Trump suspends travels from Europe for 30 days, except from UK or Ierland to the US. The EU condemns the restriction which they think it was taked “unilaterally and without consultation”. The actual information about the dispertion of the Virus is easily explained by Real-Time maps. Incredibly, Angele Merkel explains that 60 to 70 percent of German population could be infected by coronavirus. From the environmental point of view, coronavirus has temporaly reduced China’s CO2 emissions by a quarter. Which I found important, however it is temporal. The analysis after the crisis in Europe will be reported later.

The effects of corona crisis for the wine market in Europe are at the distribution and consument level. Less consumers on restaurants, decreased tourist visitors and no wine events, obviously slows down demand, temporally. For me, ProWein is really important for the long term relationship between all producing countries and if in March the event is cancelled, companies should have a plan B. How can you stablish connections without travelling and face-to-face interviews?

My advise for wine producers is simply be alert of the measures taked by the authorities. It is no time to take risks regarding the health of your workers if they are at the risk group. Experts are only collecting data to find out a solution and nature is speaking very clearly. In China is at least the pick reached which costed more than 3000 lives. If for one moment, you realize that the financial impact of such unusual event in the wine industry has, is nothing in relation with the global damage human every day make to environment. We should see that there is more around us than only numbers. It is pure energy we should protect and respect. We are responsible for live around us, as long as we exist.

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