Advisory service

ir. Paula Rook- Anabalón Pereira BSc (Agr)

It is true that times are changing. You hear all around new ways of thinking, and new information is rapidly spread through the internet. Companies are overloaded with concepts such as innovation, circular economy, climate change, organic sustainability, data analysis, just to name a few words.

As an advisor, my role in a company is to understand which are the challenges and how to execute in the long term the transition. By keeping up-to-date resources of information, connecting with networks and other companies, creating research, using the tools from the government is possible to visualize operations and take the right decisions.

My background as Agricultural Engineer gives me the essential knowledge to promote the value of nature. With that in mind, I have the power and motivate myself every day to fight for a world where nature is preserved and generates a prosperous economy in balance with all people.

The experience in the wine sector as a winemaker, online entrepreneurship, and writer to finally being able to manage my own consultancy is my presentation to the world since 2007. When I start traveling together with my husband Jan Rook (owner to the most exciting wine companies in all continents, interview successful entrepreneurs, studying the organizations and history. As an advisor, I can take action to implement my knowledge and experience in the cities as well as in the agricultural fields. It is simply a consequence, not my decision.

Why do I mention the city? As an advisor, my scope becomes wider and I can go from being only in the production of food to support companies in the city such as the ones in transport, government, or commerce. For instance: coffee, chocolate, or bread has a production process. When those products arrive in the city for consumption it generates tons of organic products. Another example: water is bottled in plastic! plastic is a hot issue internationally. How do we reduce plastic?

Finally, we are at risk of crisis in the economy. We are confronting hazards such as viruses. Those key events sum a matrix of great uncertainty. You are in the middle of a new era using AI (artificial intelligence).

Contact me for a free online meeting if you are searching for support implementing the green transition: how to transform into a sustainable business, why matters climate change issues and biodiversity challenges, how to implement the circular economy?. I am ready to take action.

Paula Rook

CEO FlyingWineWriter