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German Harvest 2009: Second Icewine harvest in a year
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Trier-. December 21, 2009

Winemakers in the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer crowned Year 2009 

Eiswein2009_2For many winemakers in the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer began and ended in 2009 with an Icewine harvest. Once harvested in early January 2009 in many places in the Mosel wine region, the frozen grapes of the vintage 2008 wine is now already crowned the outstanding autumn of 2009 with the second Icewine harvest this year.  

Eiswein2009Had begun the 2009 Icewine harvest on Thursday morning in Wittlich. At minus 7 degrees Celsius, the wineries Zender Göhlen and Mertes brough tthe first 2009er Riesling ice wines in the Mosel wine-growing region.

Winemakers Heinz Zender reported from around 300 liters yield from a must of 140 degrees Oechsle. On Friday, it was then read in the early morning hours in Wiltingen in the Saar also Icewine.

Many companies started early Saturday morning in the vineyards, when the thermometer indicated values of about 15 degrees below zero. The extreme cold caused a further concentration of fructose, which must weights reached significantly higher values than in the days before.

Birgit and Jörg Trossen from Weingut Jörg Trossen in Traben-Trarbach measured a must of more than 200 degrees Oechsle. "This is the second time that we were able to harvest ice wine this year," enthused winemaker Birgit said. "We read for about 30 years, ice wine, but had twice in a year that we have never been!"Said Joerg master winemakers.


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