Studies on Flying Wine Writer: Biodiversity/ Technology Innovation/ Circulair Economy/Sustainability/ Drinks

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  1. Insight & Analysis of the wine world

  2. Project creation for production of wine companies and wine comercialization

  3. Project creation for biodiversity and sustainable development strategy

  4. Insight and strategy for circular economy

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You are in the wine world and see changes in the way people interact and organize for selling their products. In the wine industry in particular, the relationships to build off-and online are sofisticated. The most unique wine brand is positioned to sell in special markets. What happens with the brands who are now in the middle and bottom line? 

In this context, we are in the center of information and creating ideas together with structure is our power in communication. Would you like to understand the agribusiness and technology? are you focus on innovation? Are you working with branding? Please, send me an Email: or via telephone 0031628040878. I’ll be on your presentation, I can analyses the proposition and create more ideas.